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Your little, black book is about to grow up.

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Make Groups

Store groups of the people you contact most.

Email Them

Emailing the entire group is a breeze!

Message Them

Or message them with your SMS app!

YooGloo is a better Android contacts app to manage your contacts and we're building it from the ground-up. For the first time ever, you'll be able to SEE and VISUALIZE your friends, colleagues, and how everybody is related and CONNECTED!

Your Own Network… In Real Life

A network that doesn't work is just useless clutter. We're building a better Android contacts app that will help you build and grow your own network of people that you know because we know that's a better way to go. You need real connections; not cat videos.


YooGloo will make your contacts meaningful by showing you how they're related and allows you to group them in ways that are meaningful to you.

Keep In Touch

YooGloo groups are responsive and connected. Select a group and message them, email them, or send them birthday cards. YooGloo connects to your favorite apps.

Gets Better and Better

YooGloo will continue to grow and get better. We are committed to extending and adding features that will allow you to seamlessly integrate it into your life. 

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How Is YooGloo Different?

  • YooGloo allows you to make groupings of contacts  in any way that is meaningful to you. You can make groups of family households, work colleagues, ad hoc groups, or whatever you can dream up.